Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Taught By: Subhesh Kumar

Instructed By: Sumeet Malik


Who Should Do This Course?

Students who are comfortable with data structures but lack practice. This is best suited for students with upcoming interviews, placement or internship opportunities.

Why should you do this course?

The icing on the cake. This course gets you completely ready for your technical interviews with a list of our special 600 questions. Our trademark course that gives the result which the students seek the most.

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How will class conducted?

Our classroom batches are focused to impart maximum knowledge to the students with personal touch being the greatest factor and face to face interactions between the student and the instructor. We cover a total of 600 most often asked questions in technical interviews. We also provide notes for Operating Systems, OOP's and Pointers, System Design. At the end of this course, we also conduct extra classes for projects which prepares a student to tackle any end in an interview. Thus, it is for students who can code on their own and only need help with the logics on how to solve a question.

Batch Detail:

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Course Content:

Price Detail
(* Including GST)

 500 question medium to hard questions with core computers + projects.
 Alternate classes per week
 2.5 months
 50 Lectures (200 hours)
 Expert Doubt Support
 Certificate of Completion


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