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About This Program

Pepcoding presents a training program specially for working professionals for easily switching from a service-based company to a product-based company only in a span of 6 month.

Master Data Structure, Algorithms and System Design for your next switch and grab amazing packages easily. Do not stagnate your career growth in service based companies and give your career an exponential growth now with The Switch Program.

This course is ideal for working professionals with 6 months to 4 years of experience and are looking to switch their jobs and expecting massive improvements in their current packages. Prepare for a switch with a peer group of your experience and knowledge and get the best learning environment with a healthy competition to grow more. Time tailored for working professionals with special weekend batches and timings that does not interfere with your work life.

Reality Of A Service-Based Company?

  1. Students with inadequate knowledge of programming and unaware about off-campus placement opportunities are hired at meager salaries.
  2. Students are trained in specific domains which are limited to certain companies and aren’t helpful while switching to a product based company.
  3. Some service based companies even contractually bound (in forms of bond) these freshers to work at reduced salaries for long tenures such as 1 year and even 2 years in some cases.
  4. These students are forced to work in a service based environment where their growth is substantially hampered due to the nature of the work and the technologies the individual is made to work.
  5. An average employee of a service based company usually takes around 4-5 years of experience to reach the same pay scale as that of a fresher of a product based company.

The Right Course For You?

Are you working in service-based companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and stuck at low packages even after 1-2 years of experience?
Do you wish to switch from a service-based company to a product-based company?
Is Data Structure and Algorithms proving to be an obstacle in your switch to a product-based company?
If your answer to anyone of these questions is a “YES”, then this is the perfect opportunity for a candidate to enroll for this training.

How This Course Works?

Data Structures and Algorithms stands as one of the most important topics when it comes to getting a job at a top product based company or even at startups that offer decent packages.
This course provides an extensive training on Data Structures, Algorithms and Core Computers subjects such as Operating Systems, DBMS and System Design.
Students get to learn Data Structures and Algorithms from the basic level to a level where they get capable of solving Leetcode and even Codechef/Codeforces questions.
With 600 hours of training and 900 questions, students get a major exposure to the questions asked in the technical round of a product based company. This much practice and volume of questions certainly makes it easier for a student to switch from a service based company to a product based company.

Course Curriculum

Students are taught 1200 questions on Data Structures and Algorithms with 300 standard questions, 600 Leetcode and 300 Codechef / Codeforces questions. The course covers the entire Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 which we offer in our training.

1. Foundation (30 Lectures)

The course is designed to sharpen the problem-solving skills of students. We follow step-by-step approach to make students fall in love with programming and ignite their passion of coding with the help of problems ranging from easy to intermediate level.
  • Basics of Language
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic Programming and Time Complexity
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Advanced Data Structures

2. Level-up (50 Lectures)

The course will involve rigorous practice of questions based on Sorting, Searching, Greedy Algorithms, Text processing, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming along with comprehensive revision of Data Structures likes Stacks, Queues, Linked-Lists, Trees, Graphs, Heaps, Range Queries etc.
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic Programming, Time and Space
  • Graphs and Text Processing
  • Trees
  • Hashmaps and Heaps
  • Stack and Queues and Linked Lists
  • Basics of Competitive Programming

3. Interview Preparation - DS & Algo (50 Lectures)

The course is aimed at polishing your preparation to get you in peak from before you hit interviews season. The focus is on a higher volume of often-asked questions and breadth of knowledge which includes DS and Algorithms.
  • Stack and Queues and Linked Lists
  • Hashmap and Heaps
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Dynamic Programming, Time and Space
  • Linked Lists and Trees
  • Recursion and Graphs
  • Competitive Programming and Text Processing

4. Interview Preparation - Core Subjects (30 Lectures)

We will share notes for this part and conduct routine tests on it. There will no regular classes around these, but doubts can be asked, and tests will conducted.
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Management System
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • System Design
  • Puzzles

The Time - Factor

For working professionals, when it comes to preparation for switching to a better job, TIME becomes the biggest roadblock. Candidates find it hard to cope with working and learning simultaneously. To make sure time does not become an obstacle during this program, we will be scheduling classes on weekends and late in the evening such that individuals find ample time for our Live Classes. The schedule will have 4 classes in a week - 2 x 4 hours classes on weekdays and 2 x 8 hours classes on weekends.The schedule of the batch will be as follows:
Thursday - 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Saturday, Sunday - 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

The Best Course For Switching Jobs?

With a combined work experience of more than 12 years, our teachers have guided hundreds of students towards the best product based companies and helped them in achieving their dreams of becoming great programmers and software developers. With the same experience and an even better result to showcase for, we can assure that our teaching methodologies have been successful in yielding results even from non-tier-1 colleges across India.

Features Of The Course:
  1. Best Content for Data Structure, Algorithms, Competitive Programming and Core Computers
  2. Live Interactive Zoom Classes
  3. TA Support in Live Classes
  4. Round the Clock Doubt Support
  5. Certification

How We Help You Win?

Your years of experience in your current company won’t go to waste as your current and previous projects will cover up the development part of the interview. Our training in Data Structures, Algorithms and Core Computers subjects helps you cover the remaining part of the interview and maximise your chances of clearing your technical interviews.

Enroll Now For The Course!!!

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